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3.12 Aixinjueluo Xuanye, Emperor Shengzu of the Qing Dynasty

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Emperor Shengzu (1654 - 1722 A. D. ) of the Qing Dynasty was the sec-ond'son of Emperor Shunzhi of the Qing Dynasty. His family name was Aix-injueluo, his first name Xuanye. He was Manchu of nationality. After Shun-zhi died of illness, he came to the throne when he was only eight years old. His reign title was Kangxi. He was at his throne for 61 years, the longest em-peror who was at his throne in the Chinese history. He died at 69 and his posthumous title was Shengzu. He was generally called as Emperor Kangxi in the history.
Xuanye had a noble and dignified appearance and a stentorian voice. He was intelligent, brave and versatile in military arts. He held a reverence for Confucianism and Taoism.
When Xuanye had enthroned at the age of 8, he took a series of measures to unify the country and put down the rebellion of the chiefs of the three vassal states. And he made Zheng Keshuang, the grandson of Zheng Chenggong a national hero who drove away the Japanese invaders in Taiwan and ruler of Taiwan surrender. Consequently Taiwan was again integrated into the em-pire. He drove away the Tsarist Russian troops that invaded and occupied Yakesa and assigned the Treaty of Nerchinsk with the Tsarist Russia, which delimited the eastern boundary line between China and Russia. In his old age he sent troops to Tibet to put down the revolt stirred up by the few upper class chiefs of the Tibetan nationality with the tribe of Zhungeer. According to his orders, troops were stationed in Tibet, 'which symbolized the completion of the unification of the country of multi-nationalities.
During his reign, he rewarded diligent farmers, stopped the enclosing of land, and reconstructed the dikes of the protection facilities of the Yellow Riv-er and the Huaihe River. He organized Han intellectuals to compose very huge books like A Collection of All Books of the Past and Today and The Kangxi Dictionary of Chinese Characters.  He applied scientific knowledge to the compilation of The Completed Map of the Qing Dynasty. All those measures contributed to the strengthening of the unification of the multi-nationalities' country and made China a powerful,' prosperous country at that time.
Xuanye was a statesman of great deeds, but he imprisoned a lot of men of letters because they were suspected of anti-Qing Dynasty intention. He also suppressed the uprisings of the peasants mercilessly.
After his death he was buried in Jingling Tomb, now Zunhua County, Hebei Province.

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